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Which water is more safe to drink? Bottled or tap water or home water purifier?  XML
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Most of us not considering much about the water quality, we normally look at it, if it looks clean with no noticeable odor or color, then we drink it.
We do not care much about the unseen and unnoticeable contamination, but there may exists many sorts of contamination into the water that we drink daily.

What kind of water you are used to drink? Plastic bottled water or water from the Tap of your home or you are using a home RO water filter?

The plastic bottled water has for sure some sort of contamination, mostly due to varying temperature.

Plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA), the chemical used to make the plastic hard and clear. BPA is an endocrine disruptor which has been proven to be hazardous to human health. It has been strongly linked to a host of health problems including certain types of cancer, neurological difficulties, early puberty in girls, reduced fertility in women, premature labour, and defects in newborn babies – to name a few examples. BPA enters the human body through exposure to plastics such as bottled drinks and cleaning products. It has been found in significant amounts in at-risk groups such as pregnant women’s placentas and growing foetuses. A study conducted last year found that 96% of women in the U.S have BPA in their bodies.

-- By onegreenplanet.org

The tap water may get contaminated on the way from the source point till it reaches your home.
Beside it also has the chemicals which are added by the municipal authority for preservation or protection.

Water Quality: Contaminants in the Pipes
Occasionally, your tap water can become contaminated as a result of breaks in the water line, although one of the biggest problems is lead getting into the water from pipes. Even ''lead-free'' pipes can contain as much as 8% lead.

The best way to avoid consuming lead from tap water is to only use water from the cold tap for drinking, cooking, and making baby formula and to let the water run for a minute before using it.

Health Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water
How contaminated water effects your health depends on the type of contaminants. For example:

Cryptosporidium is a pathogen that sometimes gets into water supplies. It can cause a gastrointestinal disease that could be fatal.
Nitrates can contaminate water and pose an immediate threat to infants. In the intestines, nitrates are converted to nitrites, which prevent blood from transporting oxygen. An enzyme present in the system of older children restores the blood's ability to carry oxygen.
Lead can cause both physical and mental developmental problems in infants and children. Adults who have been drinking lead-tainted water for a number of years can experience kidney problems and high blood pressure.

Does boiling contaminated water make it safe to drink? It depends on the contaminant. Boiling water can kill germs, but things like lead, nitrates, and pesticides aren't affected. And since boiling reduces the volume of water, it increases the concentration of those contaminants.

Water Quality and Water Filters
In an effort to make their drinking water safer, some people use water filters at home. There are four main kinds:

1. Activated carbon filters can remove certain organic contaminants that affect taste and odor. Some systems are also designed to remove chlorination byproducts, solvents, and pesticides, or certain metals such as copper or lead.

2. Ion exchange units with activated alumina can remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which make water hard. This is often used in combination with another filtration method, such as carbon absorption or reverse osmosis.

3. Reverse osmosis units with carbon can remove nitrates and sodium as well as pesticides and petrochemicals.

4. Distillation units boil water and condense the steam, creating distilled water.

-- by webmd.com

Water Purifier with UV:
Using water purifier installed with ultra violet light can kill about 99% of the viruses that may exist into the water.

for more healthier water you can use a Alkaline water filter & ionizer.

I hope it will be helpful for our health.

UltraTec water treatment technologies established since 2010 in Dubai, UAE.
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