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Messages posted by: ReliableSol
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Yes you can update, but you may well mess up your styles and templates. Best thing is to back up your template files, and in fact most of the files. Especially back up session.class.php for comparison.

A good program to compare what has been changed between the versions is WinMerge. It will show you side by side what has changed and let you copy your mods easily to the new files.

With an upgrade there will be issues with the 'auth' table. There are .sql listings on the forum the reset this table to the format necessary for 2.3.1. In particular the last_visit field in the 'auth' table must be lower-case and its data type set to int(11) instead of timestamp.

On my book I use a textured background and it was necessary to remodify header.php in the templates section once I got admin working to re-insert the background property to the body tag.

Hope that helps.
OK, update.
I have undone the change to session.class.php. While it worked it has now proved to be unnecessary.

My last_visit problem was the key. Since this was not updating properly it was always more than 7200 seconds since the last login and this is why you are logged out and thrown back to the login prompt.

The reason: I believe in 2.2 in table 'Auth' last_visit was capitalized to 'LAST_VISIT'. It was also a timestamp field. And on mine it was allowed to be null.

In 2.3.1 session.class.php down at lines 48, 49 creates a $timestamp variable. However the MYSQL timestamp data type is peculiar. From the MySQL manual (comments)
it is misleading in that the 'timestamp' field type in mysql holds a datetime value that updates itself unless you explicitly set it

Note that a datetime format is YYYY-MM_DD HH:MM:SS however our $timestamp variable is only in seconds with 10 or 11 digits. If you do the full install and run guestbook.sql this gets set correctly. However with an upgrade you only run the upgrade.sql which just set up the images table and doesn't change the 'auth' table. This is why people have posted the sql files in the forums. These .sql files set 'auth' to INT (11) and 'last_visit' to lower case, which allows the field to be written to when you login and logout. Therefore the time is updated and session check doesn't throw you back to the login script.

So if you are having trouble logging in have a close look at your database with something like PHPMYADMIN or better yet MySQL-Front or MySQLCC and make sure the fields are labelled correctly, and the properties are set to either integer(preferred) or varchar.
Sorry, I wasn't logged in for that last post. The changed line is the one with the '' tags around it. They didn't come out in the display.
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