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Messages posted by: goldbadge
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Hi Auron, I've got advanced poll 2.03 up and working by itself at http://eaglesfootball.milfordgrandprix.com/poll.php

I have a few brief questions.

1) After the people vote, view the results and post a comment, is there a way to publicly display the comments or are they only accessed thru the admin panel?

2) As you'll see at the link above I have a basic poll working on a blank page but how do I control it's location on a page (ie where it appears)? Does it somehow get put in a table or cell to control its movement?? I know it's an html type of question but I'm using a WYSIWYG editor rather than hard coding so I need a little help.
Thanks, Kurt
I deleted the preinstalled polls and I think the coding for getting the comments to show beneath the poll was part of that so I ask if anyone knows the snippet of code to put in there so that the comments are displayed under the respective poll? Also, is there a way to get the comments sent to an email address to be read or does an admin need to log in to the panel to see them all?
p.s. The comments ARE showing up in the admin panel.

Heres what I have installed and running now at http://eaglesfootball.milfordgrandprix.com/poll.php

include_once "advpoll/poll_cookie.php";


/* path */
$poll_path = "/eaglesfootball/advpoll";

require $poll_path."/include/config.inc.php";
require $poll_path."/include/$POLLDB[class]";
require $poll_path."/include/class_poll.php";
$CLASS["db"] = new polldb_sql;

$php_poll = new poll();
include_once "/advpoll/booth.php";

/* the fourth poll */
if ($php_poll->is_valid_poll_id(4)) {
echo $php_poll->display_poll(4);


Got mine fixed corrected for this base php info, but thanks.
On my advanced guest book there's a drop down on the upper right but it just says guestbook. Can you tell me how to add links to other places or parts of my site in there as well? What file is the coding in ? The database itself? I have phpadmin running so I can dig in and change just need to know where to go.
Thanks, Kurt
What I'd like to make happen Carbon is to take a template of the sites theme and get the board to appear on that so I can have the top there and the navigation menu on the left side. If I create a large enough table in the middle of the page are you saying I can get the message board to appear inside of it ?
Not mixed up, I just have both running.
There were two seperate issues.
The guestbooks work fine in their respective domains, but the poll would only work in the main domain. That was the first issue. Mind you that Yahoo installs everything for you and when I install into the main domain it works fine but if I installed the poll in the eaglesfootball subdomain all I would get was a blank screen when I went to the link http://eaglesfootball.milfordgrandprix.com/survey (files have since been removed).
The other main issue was wanting the poll results to be able to be seen either on a seperate page or after a visitor makes their votes for the videos. The other side issue was wanting the guestbook integrated into the site. Carbon, I did adjust the links color and am working on a new gif file for the upper left corner.
Is there a free program for opening mySQL database files? I'd like to see/save the entries as well.
I'm using the Advanced Poll/Survey PHP package that Yahoo provides. I'm using it to have people rate Eagles Highlight videos and I would like for it to show them the current results after they make the rating choice and choose submit. Right now only the admin can see the stats after logging in. Is that possible?
Here's the link to where the videos and poll link are: http://eaglesfootball.milfordgrandprix.com/footballvideos.html

As an aside, you'll also notice that the survey is on the main domain http://www.milfordgrandprix.com/survey/ because all I got was a blank screen when I tryed to get it to host and load under the subdomain eaglesfootball. My guest books work fine on both the main and subdomains so not quite sure why the Poll won't work on the sub.

Also, is there a way to choose my password rather than get a random one from the admin panel ?

One other thing in case Carbon reads this. I notice guides on how to integrate the guestbook into the theme of a site but I think it's beyond me. If I set up a blank index2.html page in the sub dir and made a sub account for you, would you be able to just go in and change the code around and how much would you want to do it? Just curious. Right now I think I'm doomed to have it be a seperate looking page from the rest of the sites, of which I have two. http://www.milfordgrandprix.com/ and http://eaglesfootball.milfordgrandprix.com/
Thanks for any help/info
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