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Messages posted by: Carbonize
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Ok well thats one idea out of the window. If it's returning the right file size I don't see the problem try removing the stuff I asked you to put in and then
remove the whitespace in the code.


Shouldn't make a difference but you never know.

or just remove

and replace
The size is in bytes so that would be about 10kb
Are you hosted on a windows server by any chance?
try changing
Well if the path name is correct and the file is not empty why is it returning a 0 I'll look into reasons why filesize may report wrong sizes.
And is entry.php located at /home/****/public_html/gastenboek/templates/entry.php ?

Can't see the problem lying in the permissions but can you check the permissions on entry.php (chmod).
Just looked at your site Dan and noticed you show the images to indicate both valid HTML and valid CSS but your site is neither. http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A//dan-bourdon.com/index.php and http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?profile=css2&warning=2&uri=http%3A//dan-bourdon.com/index.php.

I would also like ot say you could cut your body css entry down from
body {
color: #5A5146; background-color:#DFD0C0; background-image: url(../Musique/partitions/bkgrnd.jpg);
background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed !important;

body { color: #5A5146; background: #DFD0C0 url(../Musique/partitions/bkgrnd.jpg) repeat fixed };
To add the new sections will require adding entries in the database for them, making up the form templates for them and adding checks in the class files.
Can't see why it suddenly started on July 14th unless your host changed their PHP version on that date. fread(filename, amounttoread) is the problem. In the code he uses

which means read the file named in the variable $fd for x amount of characters. He uses filesize($filename) to indicate he wants the whole of the template file to be read. For some reason the script is being told that th size of $filename is 0.

As an experiment open up lib/template.class.php and find

and between the two lines add
Hopefully this should stop the script at this point and tell the browser to display the path name of the template it is looking for. I hope anyway.
Are you getting this error message at the start of the page or halfway down? I assume you are getting it on the index page.
Update to Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1 as this has these sections already in place.
Only thing obvious is that you have no patience.
Page loaded normally here. I would try your guestbook again if I was you and if it's still slow then try deleting all your temporary internet files as well as cleaning up your system and doing a defrag.
The only problem with your plan is that you would need to maintain a list of proxies to compare the IP's against as this is the only way you could tell if they were using an anonymous proxy or not.

On a different note the problem with banning users for having the same IP is that companies with large networks will have the same external IP for every machine on the network. So if someone refers a colleague they both will have the same IP when checking the sites from their works computers. The same applies to some cyber cafes.

I recently tried PTR programs and decided that the only people making money from them were the people running them and the script writers. I was very amused at reading one sites list of deleted accounts and why, mainly because she had deleted some accounts for having the same password. Since when does having the same password mean you are the same person? the most common password in use today is actually the word password.

There is another way to trick PTR sites. You can view several timed adverts at once by using multiple browsers. For example view one advert in Internet Explorer, one in Mozilla, one in Opera and so on.
Just checked and the guestbooks drop down menu is justa form handled by the script. You can make a dropdown menu that will open the page where you want but not this one. Although with a little bit of php you could do it I suppose.

That would go

That is in index.php twice. Now you would just need to add urls to the jump menu

no promises on it working as this is just a quick look at the code.
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