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Messages posted by: Roy
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Author Message
Server is hosted by a friend of mine
He did not update...well its working so lets keep it this way LOL
thanks for your help anyway
I`m glad it sounds familiar...but there is no explanation for it?
I`ve seen the movy signs yesterday.....this is not an extra terrestial sign of some kind or so ?
Well thanks for your help.....hope it will stay working
You probably wont believe this
This morning I logged in and everething was back working again????
Wierd shit
Sure no problem
Since I can delete entries in the database I am not in a hurry
In the meantime I have searched for the file while browsing all files and in de the database
I will let you know when I have found it
Have a good night rest and talk to you later

I have looked for a file with that name but don`t see it in phpmyadmin when I select the database for the guestbook
Don`t I need to browse to that file on the server?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge about phpmyadmin
I have PhPMyadmin
But to be honnest I don`t work with it that often...
But if you tell me what you would like to know I will do my best of course
Other possibility would be log me in, you can use my account for it an d take over the screen ( I wont tell the others hahaha)

Ik go to the log-in screen (admin.php)
Fill out useern name and pass
Next i see the screen with:
Private Messages | Easy Admin | General Settings | Style | Templates | Smilies | Password | Logout
Any of these links will bring me back to /admin.php?action=show&tbl=gb&session=7d0ad0e40dc00f73c83db46497fac4a9&uid=1
I deleted some spam
Nothing else, from one day to the other it became looped
Yes sir:
version: 2.4.4 • files: 0.5MB• database: 0.1MB• installed: 2009-04-28• updated: 2009-04-28
Luckely for me I can delete entries in the data base
I had a lot of unwanted spam lately (approx 1 each day)
Well, I guess I`ll hear from you soon, thanks in advance,

Oh, and I tried forget_pass.php, still same probleem
Well I`m back in admin loop again.
Can you please advise how to go on from here?

If I log in as admin I see "easy admin" to delete files
However after I fill out username and pass I return to the field where I have to fill out user and pass
Please help
Aha...now I get it
Well..I`ll be waitin` LOL
Sorry for the inconveniency
Can have a look at the link i supplied
Thanks for the efford!
Ok, maybe I should explain better since my English is a bit rusty

When you go in to the guestbook go to:
-maintenance (I have to translate from Dutch as I put the gbook in to Dutch)
When logged in click:
-General settings
In general settings navigate to
Miscellaneous option
at guestbook comment
-activate radio button on password required
-fill out a password
Next, click om bottom of page submit settings

Now, navigate to guestbook...pick an entry
@ the entry click on the add comment button
Now...when you want to add a comment, there is no password field to fill out for the comment in the entry
So, the password can not be verified and the comment can not be made.

Hope this will help you a bit further, else I can make some screens if that will help
You can also try to comment on an antry n the guestbook to be found @:
Tanks in advance for your time


From the begining the filed is default set to no password required for comment on an entry
However, if I enable it and would like to put a comment ot the entry os some one else...the comment can not be made...
1st, there is no field to put the pass in
2nd, pop-up...password for required field incorrect

So, resumé
-Enable password for comment on entrie in gbook
-No field available for putting a pass when you want to comment on an entry
-If you fill in a comment and canot fill in a pass, pop-up password incorrect

Cheers for the help...sorry for my poor English
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