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Messages posted by: amber222
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It looks like you copied the source code from their demo page, instead of the source code for a particular poll demo. If you want to copy a demo and then tweak it, you would be better off finding one of the demo files from your copy of the program that is in your computer or on your server and working with it. I'm not exactly sure which directory they are in, but if you look around, you should find them.

When I looked at your page, I clicked on "Demo3" at the top, and there is your test poll.

Also, you have made several pages that aren't necessary.

I tried to visit your home page to get your email address, but an error comes up for your index.php file.
Very impressive.

Now maybe you will post some instructions to share with other people who don't know how to get their poll in a pop-up window like that?
Trevor has supplied the info here:

Sounds like it's a path problem, or like Auron said, the permissions. You should double-check those.

Looking at those exact lines on the vote.php file should give you a clue, i.e., lines 3, 34 and 35.

You stated the following code calls the polling-function:

include_once "/mnt/ls1/03/393/00000022/htdocs/poll/textfile/booth.php";
echo $php_poll->poll_process(1);

Wow, that is a very long path. If, in Admin, you click on help, is it giving you this same string?

From the error messages, it seems to me it is looking in the wrong place.
Auron, if you read this, should that "vote.php" be at the end? It sounds like it's searching for the cookie file in the vote.php file.

Warning: Unable to access /textfile/poll_cookie.php in /mnt/kw2/03/650/00000011/htdocs/vote.php on line 3

Warning: Failed opening '/textfile/booth.php' for inclusion (include_path='') in /mnt/kw2/03/650/00000011/htdocs/vote.php on line 34
If you still have this problem, why don't you include a link to your page with the poll on it. Perhaps someone can see it and come up with a solution. Are cookies turned on in your browser?
You need to put the code in whichever of your website pages you want the poll to show up in.

Read this and other posts on this site

Thank you, but I don't want you to have to install Phpnuke - we're talking huge. It would be much simpler to just not allow image upload until I figure this one out.

Btw, how vulnerable is it having image upload without the verification? Will maybe excluding certain file types get around this?

As always, your expertise is appreciated.
I am not using the Advanced Guestbook for Phpnuke. I am actually using the basic program. I just put it in a phpnuke module myself. ( This was before I knew there was such a thing as Advanced Guestbook for Phpnuke.) I believe the only thing I changed was one file where it says something like "... is running in a postnuke or phpnuke module; false". I changed it to "true" and I think I had to change the path.

I noticed with the Admin logout redirect, the problem seemed to be the path. I tried changing it myself, but couldn't get it to work, probably because I really don't know php.

It seemed that earlier in this thread Paul was having problems which he thought were related to the path. He sent you the files, and I guess you fixed them, because the guestbook on his site has the image. I sent him an email requesting info, but there is no guarantee he will respond.

I was wondering if you recalled what you did to help him solve his problem?
I just noticed that PaulTT www.1820settlers.com is a phpnuke site. Can somebody give me the 411?
Do you know why this and the other scripts will not work in phpnuke?

I have two guestbooks, one in a phpnuke module. Using duplicate copies of the files, the first guestbook is fine, but the one in th phpnuke module won't show the image.

Same problem with other scripts, like admin logout redirect and renaming the admin file.
Look in Admin: General Settings: Table, Font And Color Options
Demo 1 is a lot less complicated. Didn't realize that was already there - or was it?

It looks like there is now a demo for this.

See: http://proxy2.de/poll/demo_6.php

I would say copy the code and tweak it...?
Here's the post with the instructions.


In the above instructions, you change the path to yours.

If, while in the Admin Panel, you click on help, it will give you the code to place in your file, and I believe it will have your correct path. You just change the x to the Poll ID#.

It will also give the code to show random polls or the latest poll.

A bit of advice: Do a search before posting a question. This question has been answered many times here.
Here's the post with all the info:

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